In the Democratic Republic of Congo, Oyo Projects is represented by Option ONGD, a NGO registered in Kinshasa.

In a critical approach to the aid sector in developing countries, the project reinforces informal learning. Instead of imposing Western concepts and solutions, the project wants to create a space for experimentation and exchange to explore new strategies: How to connect local means with international concepts by deconstructing the post-colonial power structures.

Oyo Projects is an association of artists, activists and other committed people. They share the wish to support street kids and young adults by engaging them in artistic and creative activities. Since 2012 the Oyo.Project team is working with street children in Kinshasa, the capital of the Democratic Republic of Congo.
In total, the projects provides food, medical support and clothes to 15 – 20 children and youths and offers regular art classes in drawing, painting, theater, music and modern artforms.

The Oyo.Project team aims at transferring the  participating children to school classes, professional art classes and different formations to ensure a long-term amelioration of their situation. This will enable the children to live a self-determined life. Therefore Oyo.Project is partnering with local NGOs, schools, art teachers and hospitals. Since 2017 Oyo Projects – Social Art e.V. is a registered charity in Germany.  The project follows the concept of the “social sculpture”, an artistic category based on the extended art term by Joseph Beuys. Every human being is an artist – and kids especially can strengthen their self-confidence by expressing themselves artistically. Art helps the many of them who have faced serious traumata in their lives to recuperate an emotional balance. The group work encourages solidarity and induces a peaceful energy that is rarely seen elsewhere in the children’s lifes. These experiences enhance their resiliency and prepare them for their future.

Oyo Projects is rising awareness and encouraging discussion about the street kids’ precarious situation through public exhibitions, street art and interventions. For all participating kids, Oyo provides meals, medicine and primary health care, and most of all offers a reliable contact person who takes their problems seriously. Oyo.Projects promotes gender equality using mural art as a tool to include all genders. Girls and Boys have the same power and voice while they participate in our collaborative cultural activities.