Bomoko Connexion
The cultural Center Bomoko Connexion contributes a place for the weekly art workshops, general logistic support and consultation on pedagogical and artistic questions

Double Vision                                                                                                                                        Cultural Center in Bandal, hosting some of Oyo Projects Exhibitions and shows

Goethe Institut Kinshasa 

has organised already two official exhibitions with Oyo.Project and is also willing to support the project with materials and funds for exhibitions, as well as with conusltance and  their large network in the future

The NGO is a school based at the Art Academy Kinshasa, that is specialised for children that didn‘t go to school regulary so far. The teachers respond to the different levels of knowledge of each individual child. The school’s program focuses on artistic education.

Atelier Professor Mukalai
The Professor holds Art classes for children and yung adults advanced in drawing and painting even if they haven‘t got an education. The aim of the Atelier is the formation of professional Artists.

AptART (US) is  an international partner that collaborates with Oyo.Project on collective projects and offers advice as they have a 10 years experience in the same field