Kinshasa is growing very fast. It is the third largest city in Africa after Cairo and Lagos. It is estimated that its 17 million inhabitants produce around 9,000 tons of garbage a day. The Congolese capital does not have a functioning garbage collection system. Consequences for the health of the „Kinois“ are catastrophic.

Therefor Oyo Projects joined the „Precious Plastic community in 2019. Precious Plastic is a combination of people, machines, platforms and knowledge to create an alternative global recycling system as an open source project. A Precious Plastic workspace is where plastic gets transformed from waste into valuable raw materials or products.

Under the leadership of Mouhamad Tshimbalanga, the first Precious Plastic Workshop was established in Kinshasa in 2019. There are now two machines for recycling and upcycling plastic. Together with a group of youths of Oyo Projects Mouhamad is since than recycling plastic from different rivers of the city of Kinshasa. Out of the plastic they’re creating small objetcs and toys. „For us, waste is not worthless we do everything in our power to recognize the value of waste and to use it“ says Mouhamad Tshimbalanga.

Our current fundraiser:

To find out more about Precious Plastic you can visit:

A special thanks goes to Plastic Pirates from Hungary who helped us to build up our first Precious Plastic workspace!

You can find us on Facebook: Plastic Pirates /// Biso Plastique

Cedrick Tshimbalanga at the Tshangu river

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